RCB Indonesia

PT. ROYAL CITRA BERSAMA, Importer, Exporter & Plastic Recycling, was established in 1999. Our business focuses on plastics recycling by collecting industrial plastic scraps from around the globe. We collect scrap plastic from production remnants, rejected plastic products, and post-consumer plastic scrap from local and foreign companies. We reprocess them into recycled pellets for a wide range of products. We continuously contribute our efforts to benefit the safety of the environment.

RCB Indonesia is a leading provider of GREEN PRODUCTS for a changing world. We recognize the benefits of reducing our dependence on nonrenewable resources and are committed to sustainability in everything we do.

Built to withstand the demands of various applications, our eco-friendly ProStack® recycled plastic pallets offer exceptional quality and value in retail storefronts, warehouses, shipping centers, and other settings.

During the course of our business expansion and development, we have established various supply channels and networks in many countries, collecting different types of industrial plastics scrap from around the world. Today, our supply channel operations have expanded to more than 10 countries worldwide, including the United States, Japan, and other countries in Europe and Asia.

As support for environmental protection continues to grow, we are actively researching methods for the rational use of renewable resources and promoting the development of products created from recycled plastics. Our plant covers an area of 23,000 square meters, which includes testing, R&D, processing, and production facilities. The production processes include sorting, crushing, mechanical separation of plastic scrap, washing, pelletizing, and packaging, resulting in finished products.

One of our main products is plastic pallets, which are mainly used in the storage and logistics of food, tobacco, medicine, papermaking, printing, electronics, chemicals, textiles, automobile parts, sanitation, and other industries. Our products are exported worldwide.

PT. Royal Citra Bersama actively promotes green production through recycling and resource conservation for the Earth. We continue our efforts to make greater contributions to a greener environment on our planet.

*Business Philosophy:*

Concentrating and focusing on the green industry, we actively promote the recycling and reuse of waste plastics. For twenty years, as a leader in the recycling industry, we have continued to encourage the use of green materials by our counterparts. Our technical team studies various waste plastic recycling methods daily, converting them back into finished products through advanced processing technology, thereby achieving environmental regeneration and resource conservation.

Our professional plastic scrap processing and recycling center, equipped with existing technology and facilities for compounding and plastic recycling, is capable of producing various types of quality recycled plastics to ensure environmental safety. These facilities include mechanical separation, washing, drying, crushing, smelting, extrusion, pelletization, and testing. We operate more than 10 pelletization production lines and produce numerous types of recycled plastics.

We welcome friends from all over the world for visits, guidance, and business negotiations.